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Veyong Biochemical launches 1,000-ton glufosinate production line

Posted: Dec 17,2016
Hebei Veyong Bio-Chemical Co., Ltd. launched its 1,000-ton glufosinate production line for trial at 08:18 hours on October 16, 2016. The project was initiated in September 2015 and it took over one year to be installed and commissioned. 
Earlier, Veyong had completed two phases of a project, which brought its glufosinate capacity to 500 tons annually. Compared to other glufosinate production process in China, this 1,000-ton production line possesses features such as high yield, low cost, continuous production and reduced waste discharge. The new process is a representation of the advanced production technology in the glufosinate industry, for which Veyong has filed for several technical patents.
The launch of the 1,000-ton glufosinate project marks a new beginning in Veyong’s glufosinate production at a higher technical level and at a larger capacity. While the 1,000-ton production line is perfected from time to time, Veyong is also going to complete the reasoning and endorsement of a 3,000-ton glufosinate project, which is a continued extension of its glufosinate capacity.
Today, the world agrochemical market is changing constantly and competition is becoming extremely acute. Veyong is prepared to utilize its advantages of advanced technology, large production capacity and widespread marketing channels at home and abroad to become a prime player in the global glufosinate industry. 

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